1. [C9] Webzen Note – Battle Maiden Reworked

  2. [C9] Sales – Special Discount Offer

  3. [C9] Notice - Top up with E-prepag Epins and get special rewards!

  4. [C9] Event - Check out this month's rewards for new/returning players!

  5. [C9] Notice - Get awesome prizes by topping up with KOPAZAR Epins!

  6. [C9] Event – Daily Event Quest

  7. [C9] Event – Guild Wing Event

  8. [C9] Sales – New Monthly Premium Package

  9. [C9] Sales – Transfer the Enhancement Level to your New Equipment

  10. [C9] Account Security Update

    Increase your account security!
  11. [C9] Can't Login?

    gPotato and WEBZEN team up!
  12. [C9] Livestream TV

    Where the Unrivaled Action Reveals

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