Fighters are melee warriors who use various weapons and shields to attack and bash their enemies. They fight enemies face to face on the front line believe that physical strength is the only true path to glory. Fighters must eventually choose a path for themselves, and they may choose to become a Blademaster, Warrior, Guardian, Berserker, or Viking. Click the name of each class to find more information.




  • - STR based
  • - Can shift to Attack Stance
  • - Quick movement
  • - Technical skills

Blademasters are Fighters who specialize in very advanced sword techniques. They are the fastest of all the Fighter classes, and their powerful sword skills cause great damage to their opponents. They can also use their swords to defend themselves and strike back with deadly counterattacks. Therefore, this class suits Fighters who prefer technical skills and versatility on the battlefield.


  • - Right: Longsword
  • - Left: Buckler

Iconic Skills

  • - Storm Wheel Wind: When using this skill, the Blademaster spins rapidly to cut any nearby enemies. This skill deals more damage than any other Blademaster skill, closing with a devastating finishing blow.

  • - Moonlight Cutter: This skill allows the Blademaster to rapidly and powerfully slash their enemies. The energy gathered while performing this skill lets the Blademaster cut many enemies across a wide arc.

  • - Deep Wind Step: By using this skill, the Blademaster delivers a vicious blow while charging at high speed. The Blademaster can change the direction of his charge, depending on whether he has learned Burning Spirit.

  • - Tachyon Strom: This is a quick flurry of cuts unleashed on an opponent. This allows the Blademaster to get close to their enemy while causing devastating damage. Enemies cannot block this skill if the first blow lands true.


  After the Genesis War, the gods who had protected humans fell into a deep sleep and the age of chaos had come. As Darwin founded Vimpeli and people had gathered from all over Glenheim.

  But there was a problem with emigrants in the northern part of the continent. Galloon, the giant golem, was blocking the only entrance to Vimpeli. No matter how people tried, Galloon would not budge. Then, out of nowhere, an unknown soldier raised his sword and cut Galloon in a half with a single mighty swing. The emigrants who saw that called him a Blademaster. He gathered a small following and began training them as his apprentices. They’ve been passing on his skills ever since…(omitted)

-Treasure Hound Guild Guide, Class Change, Chapter 3, Blademaster-

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  • - STR based
  • - Grab attacks
  • - Able to use shields
  • - Fights with every part of their body

The raw aggression of Warriors means that they are willing to use any weapon available to them – even the body! They move slowly most of the time, but can unleash vicious charges that cause huge amounts of damage to their enemies. They use combo attacks and grab skills with ease, and their defensive skills allow them to protect themselves if necessary. The Warrior class suits Fighters that prefer to manage every aspect of combat.


  • - Right: Longsword
  • - Left: Buckler or Shield

Iconic Skills

  • - Blazing Crasher: This is a skill where the Warrior covers his body in fire before dashing at enemies. Chain Blazing Crasher allows the Warrior to change direction and charge into enemies one more time.

  • - Burning Surge: By using this skill, Warriors quickly charge forward to cut their enemies. This skill cuts all enemies in range, no matter how many they are.

  • - Seismic Bash: This is a skill in which the Warrior channels the energy of their body into a beam. This skill is fast enough to cut the wind, so it is very difficult to evade.

  • - Bash: This skill is basically a flurry of low slashes. Although all fighters share this skill, only Warriors can learn the fifth blow in the flurry, Bash V.


  The mighty Warriors were born of fire and brimstone. The class was developed and maintained by descendants of Warstria, the Fire Giant. Warstria belonged to Bardiel, the Fire God, and was one of his most prized creations.

  Bardiel remained neutral between Akene and Rahkdan and his warrior protected all the creatures in Sarad. When Rahkdan’s Commanders threatened Sarad, they fought them to the end, Warstria was eventually killed by Rahkdan’s Rage, but his passion and soul still live on in the skills of modern Warriors…(omitted)

-Treasure Hound Guild Guide, Class Change, Chapter 2, Warrior-

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  • - STR based
  • - Can equip any shield
  • - High HP
  • - Excellent defenses

Guardians are the only Fighter class that can use the powerful defensive capabilities of bulwark and shields. Although they’re slow, their extraordinary health and strong defenses prove difficult for many enemies. They can easily defend against powerful attacks and counterattacks, so it is hard for their enemies to land a solid blow. The Guardian class suits Fighters who like to get up close and personal with their enemies and consider it cowardly to run.


  • - Right: Longsword
  • - Left: Shield(Buckler, Shield, Bulwark)

Iconic Skills

  • - Titan’s Guardian: The Guardian calls on the power of the divine to grown in strength. In this state, they can then use Guardian Quake to slam the ground or Guardian Swing to unleash a flurry of blades that cut enemies to pieces.

  • - Round Swing: By using this skill, the Guardian spins rapidly and cut any enemies foolish enough to get too close. Although all Fighters share this skill, only Guardians can learn Final Round Swing, a fourth devastating spin attack.

  • - Earthquake: This is a skill where the Guardian leaps high in the air and comes crashing down to the ground. This damages anyone the Guardian lands on and sends shockwaves that injure nearby enemies.

  • - Titan Crash: This skill let the Guardian crouch to generate energy before slamming the ground. The energy explosion has three levels of intensity, depending on how much energy is gathered, and it hurls its victims high into the air.


  Netherworld and Glenheim used to be connected to each other. Spiral Shelter, the sky island, used to hand above them. At the entrance of the island, there were guards who were created by the blessing of Akene. They wielded giant golden shields.

  Document of the island on guardians were uncovered in Glenheim and group of fighters started to studying them. Those documents became the origin of Guardian class…(omitted)

-Treasure Hound Guild Guide, Class Change, Chapter 1, Guardian-

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  • - STR based
  • - Bound attacks with greatswords
  • - Powerful
  • - Special attacks using blood points

Berserkers are well known for their massive greatswords and their powerful charges. They might be the slowest fighters, but their unrelenting power can quickly overwhelm any enemy. Berserkers can use Blood Points to increase the range and combo skills. This makes Berserkers well suited to Fighters who want to use combos to their full extent.


  • - Left, Right: Two-handed Swords

Iconic Skills

  • - Kaiser Sword: This is a powerful skill spinning around in a great circle, attacking any opponents foolish enough to get too close. This is one of the main Berserker Skills and can consume 20 Blood Points to perform additional attacks.

  • - Bloody Wave: Berserkers can use this skill in which they perform a wide sweep to emit a flash of energy from their greatswords. They can use this skill from Slash Stance, and consume 20 Blood Points to emit a second flash from their sword.

  • - Force Wave: By using this skill, the Berserker charges towards his enemy, rams it, and attacks. By consuming 20 Blood Points, the Berserker can cancel the dash and instead perform a different attack.

  • - Rising Giant: This is a skill which uses a greatsword to throw the enemy into the air and then do a downward attack. The downward attack breaks the opponent’s guard and, by consuming 20 Blood Points, the Berserker may perform Blood Impact as an additional attack.


  The following can be found in the swordsman documents written by Cha Dramaik, the disciple who stood against the greedy golem Galloon.

  Well-versed in the swordsmanship of a Blademaster, Cha Dramaik earned himself the reputation of the best sword in all of Glenheim. Even so, he never ceased to try and become even better.

  As he aged, he realized he needed to pass down a legacy, so he gathered his most talented disciples and started to teach them everything he knew about swords. People called these disciples of Cha Dramaik, the Berserkers…(omitted)

-Treasure Hound Guild Guide, Class Change, Chapter 4, Berserker-

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  • - STR based
  • - Flurry of attacks that break frames
  • - Frost effect through Frost Stigma combos
  • - Great Mobility

Viking is a fighter who can swiftly dual wield Battle Axes and deal a deadly damage. Although they do not have evasive or escaping skills, their unmatched speed allows them to quickly get behind the enemy. Also, they excel in slowing targets down by smashing them with a Battle Axe imbued with intense cold. Therefore, this class is suitable for a fighter who can keep an enemy in sight and constantly deal damage.


  • - Right: Battle Axe
  • - Left: Battle Axe

Iconic Skills

  • - Avalanche: Vikings can wield an Axe to surrounding enemies and deal combo attacks. You gain Super Armor while using this skill. Also, you can enhance the skill by acquiring Phantom of Avalanche later.
  • - Deadly Strike: By using this skill, Vikings charge towards the enemy and deals a strong downward blow by pressing 'Shift + Right-click' key. You can also activate a downward blow by pressing ‘F’ key while charging. Soul of Wolves is activated when hitting an enemy with this skill.
  • - Winter Herald: The Viking throws a Battle Axe at long range. The enemy is marked with Frost Stigma when you hit an enemy with Battle Axe attack. You can slow down the enemy until this effect wears off.
  • - Fast and Furious: The Viking can dazes the enemy by pressing '↑+ F' key. Soul of Wolves is activated when you hit an enemy with basic attack. If the enemy has been marked with Frost Stigma, they will become frozen.


  After the Genesis War, the gods who had protected humans fell into a deep sleep and the age of chaos had come. As Darwin founded Vimpeli, and people had gathered from all over Glenheim.

  But there was a problem with emigrants in the northern part of the continent. They refused to live with the ferocious Vikings that once terrified the entire northern region. Even when the threats from monsters were within their territory, they did not give in. Hence, Darwin had no choice but to deny Vikings from entering Vimpeli.

  The Vikings that were left in the northern region started fighting in gruesome battles for survival. But this fight did not last. No matter how ruthlessly they swung their axes, the monsters kept rushing in like waves. When everything looked grim for the Vikings, ‘Artesia’ at the request of Darwin saved them. Following this event, the Vikings began receiving protection from ‘Artesia’ who is known for establishing the Nest of Dragons inside the Recko Mountains at the calling of Tertis.

  Since then, no record exists of the Vikings who went into the Nest of Dragons......(omitted)

- Book of Treasure Hound Guild, Class Change, Chapter 5, Viking-

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