Legend & Auspice


What are Legends?

Legends are titles earned by accomplishing certain game objectives. Activating a Legend grants you certain bonuses. You can check list of legends you can get on the Adventure Book.


Activating a Legend

  • 1. Press P to open the Character Info window.
  • 2. In the Character Info window, click the Legends/Auspices button.
  • 3. The Legends/Auspices window displays the Legends you currently possess.
  • 4. Select a Legend and click the Apply button to activate it. All Legends you find are automatically added to your Legends/Auspices list.

Adventure Book

What the Adventure Book?

Your Adventure Book contains information about all of the stages you have cleared and the towns you have visited throughout your adventure. Press H to open the adventure Book, or enter the Stage Portal, select a stage, and click the magnifier icon to check the entries in the book for that stage. Adventures are automatically completed when you fulfill their requirements.


Adventure Book Rewards

    • 1. You can obtain Legends for performing various adventures and equip them on your character.
    • 2. Depending on your Adventure score, you may receive Adventure Coins that you can take to the Warehouse Manager to exchange for special items.


What are Auspices?

Auspices are titles acquired by purchasing Event Soul Gear Sets from the Cash Shop or by opening Gold and Silver Coffers. Activating an Auspice increases your stats.


Wearing Auspices

Auspices are ability-boosting titles. Open your inventory (I) and right-click the Adventure Beginning Auspice to add it to your list. Click the Legends/Auspices button on the Character Info screen to activate the title.

Activating Auspices

  • 1. Press I to open your inventory.
  • 2. Click the Auspice in your inventory to move it to your Legends/Auspices list.
  • 3. Press P to open the Character Info window.
  • 4. Click the Legends/Auspices button in the Character Info window.
  • 5. The Legends/Auspices window displays the Auspices you currently possess.
  • 6. Select the Auspice you want to activate and click the Apply button to activate it.

Legend/Auspice Tips

You can only have 1 Legend and 1 Auspice active at a time. Active Legends/Auspices appear next to your character name.

  1. 1. Legends – Your current legend
    (Perform specific objectives to gain new

  2. 2. Guild – The name and logo of your guild

  3. 3. Level and Nickname – The level and nickname of your character

  4. 4. PvP Ranking Grade – Your PvP rank

  5. 5. Auspice – Your current auspice
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