[C9] Sales - Buy One and Get One FREE! 1+1 sales with new item!


C9 Actioninsts,

With arrival of new item Skill Partial Reset, we're hosting a special sale! For a limited period, players who buy a Skill Reset Scroll or a Cosmos stone will get additional item for Free!

Sales Period: After maintenance on August 26, 2014 to before maintenance on September 2, 2014 (UTC)

1+1 sales will be available in two packages with following items:

- Cosmos Stone 1+1 Package
Cosmos Stone + Cosmos Stone

- Skill Reset Scroll 1+1 Package
Skill Reset Scroll + Single Skill Reset (New Item!)

Below is the guide for using Single Skill Reset.

By using the Single Skill Reset item, you can select your skills to reset. Unlike Skill Reset Scroll, it only resets one skill.

1. Put the Single Skill Reset item in your inventory.

2. Talk to your Class Trainer and choose [Learn Skills] button.

3. Click [Skill Reset] button below.

4. Check skills to reset. You can see the number of Single Skill Rest item that will be consumed and SP that you will get after skill reset on the lower left-hand side of the window.

5. Click [OK] button and confirm.

6. Some skills requires you a certain level of precedent skill to learn. You need to reset the second skill first to reset the precedent skill.

Don't miss out this chance!



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