[C9] Sales - The biggest chance with only 30 Wcoins! Nethergem Box!


Sales Period: January 27th, 2015 ~ February 3rd, 2015 (UTC)

C9 Actionists,

We have suffered from Dimensional Bosses running dungeons to meet and beat them again and again, and it's time for us to revenge ourselves on our old enemies! Don't be stressed-out again with it, since we'll be able to hold a Dimentional Boss Party with only 30 Wcoins, which price is 80% off compared to Platinum Chest!

Nethergem Box will be available in Cash Shop for very inexpensive price for ONLY a week!

Amount Price
Nethergem Box [x1] 30
Nethergem Box [x5] 140
Nethergem Box [x10] 250

What is a Nethergem?

A nethergem is a small gem containing essence of the Netherworld. It can be used to summon various monsters including Dimensional bosses depending on the type of the Nethergem. You can get three types of Nethergem from the Nethergem box.
Please note that monsters summoned from a Nethergem will differ to the type of the Nethergem.

How to use a Nethergem?

1. Enter the "Trove of the Ancients" dungeon.
2. Use a "Nethergem" to summon a monster!
3. Various monsters depends on the type of the Nethergem will be summoned.

C9 Support Team

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