[C9] Event – Ancient Arena Pre-season!


Period: After the scheduled maintenance on November 24, 2015 ~ before the scheduled maintenance on December 8, 2015

We currently have some issues about Ancient Arena as below:

1. Portal Mage in Vimpeli do not have options for Ancient Arena.
- We will add the buttons soon. Till then, please talk to Portal Mages in any other towns.
2. You may not be able to find the [Enter Ancient Arena] button when talking to Portal Mage
- Please abandon the Ancient Arena quest received from Portal Mage and try again.
3. Available rewards are not showing to the Ancient Arena Ranking Page.
- Please click the rewards button to check the items.
4. Ranking order at the same round is not arranged in ascending order.
5. The update time is not showing properly.
6. The number of Ranking page is not showing properly.

We will try to fix these issues as soon as possible.



C9 Actionists,


We are pleased to introduce a New Competitive PvE Dungeon-Ancient Arena! This is a PvE feature but you can not only defeat monsters, but also compete the result with your friends!

As this is a completely new system to PvE, we have decided to hold 2 small pre-seasons for the first 2 weeks so that actionists can adjust to this new exiting new system. During the pre-season, players can receive 3 invitation tickets a day.

The official season will start after the pre-season ends, and you will be able to get one invitation ticket a day per each of your character.

After the pre-season, Ancient Arena will be available ONCE per character everyday and the new season will start serially!


Check out the details below.


Pre-season Schedule

Duration (UTC)

Pre-season 1

November 24, 2015 ~ November 30, 2015 7:59 AM

Break Time

November 30, 2015 8:00 AM ~ December 3, 2015 7:59 AM

Pre-season 2

December 3, 2015 8:00 AM ~ December 8, 2015 07:59:00 AM

** Pre-season 2 is postponed till a certain date for bug fix.


How to participate:

1. Access level 51 or higher character that has learned Ultimate Fury Skill.

2. You can get 3 tickets a day per each character during the pre-season is available. Receive tickets from your storage in the lower right-handed corner.

** You can take the ticket again after 24:00 UTC

** Please note that after 24 hours from the first access of the day, you are unable to receive the items from the storage.

3. Talk to the Portal Mage with the ticket and select [Enter Ancient Arena] button

4. In the Arena, talk to NPC Paulo and start the first round.

5. A different monster will be spawned on each round. Defeat the monster in 2 minutes.

6. The next round will start right after you defeat the monster.

7. The round will end when you clear the 57th round, die, or the time limit ends.

** Press F8 button to open the Ancient Arena Window and check your rank.

8. After the pre-season 1 ends, you can get your rewards in Ancient Arena Window.

** Please note that you can receive the rewards till the end of the next season. After the next season ends, you are unable to receive the rewards of the previous season anymore.


Rewards of each Pre-season


Ancient Money



Top 0~5%


Top 6~10%


Top 11~30%


Top 31~60%


Top 61~100%



That is not all! Complete 2 quests about Ancient Arena and get even more rewards!





Enter the Ancient Arena 10 times

Clam Worm - Automatic Bait x100 [Bound]


Enter the Ancient Arena 25 times

Rentus War Artifact x1


What is Ancient Money?

Ancient Money items can be exchanged for various rewards including special potions and a new Growth Stone Pieces! You can combine 2 same Growth Stone Pieces in Nitro Cube to get a Growth Stone. If you got some Ancient Money items, talk to the Portal Mage!


What is Growth Stone?

Growth Stones are special items to strengthen your weapon. You can equip a Growth Stone to your weapon just like spellstones. However, the Growth Stones are even better because you can even enhance Growth Stones to make it much stronger!

You can get Growth Stones from rewards of Ancient Arena season or combining 2 same Growth Stone Pieces in the Nitro Cube.

Please note that Growth Stones are available one per your right-handed weapon. (e.g. If you are Fighter, you can only equip one Growth Stone to your sword. If you are a Bladedancer, you can use only one Arc Blade with a Growth Stone.)


How to enhance Growth Stones?

You can enhance Growth Stones with Growth Stone Pieces or another Growth stone with the same option with Jewelers. You can enhance Growth Stones up to +99 without any failure! A certain Growth Stones may have lower maximum level. There is no difference between using Growth Stone Pieces and Growth Stones to enhance a Growth Stone, so I would normally use Growth Stone Pieces if I were you!


How to equip a Growth Stone to your weapon?

You can equip a Growth Stone to level 50 Perfect-Rare-grade right-hand weapons or higher. You can simply unequip and re-equip the Growth Stone with Jeweler, without any failure.

Also, if you try to equip another Growth Stone to your weapon which already has a Growth Stone equipped, the equipped one will just fall out.

Please be aware that your weapon will become bound to character instantly when a Growth Stone is equipped.

** Edited - only Level 50, Perfect rare or weapons or higher have the Growth Stone Slot. Also, weapons that have duration do not have Growth Stone slots.
** Don't forget that stones are available for only right-handed weapons as written above! (e.g. Hunter's bow does not have a Growth Stone slot.)

We look forward to seeing you in the world of Glenheim!

C9 Support Team

Your Time UTC