[C9] Sales – New Platinum Chest! New Soul, Wings and more!


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on January 26, 2016 ~ the next platinum chest renewal


Greetings C9 Actionists,


Now we have a new year and we need something fresh to celebrate it! We have searched every nook and corner to find better and special items for Actionists and finally we have updated the Platinum Chest with a bunch of new valuables!

We updated the Platinum Chest with brand new souls and wings! Also, we’ve put all the popular items and took out outdated ones for Glenheim Heroes! Check out the details below.



  • Sylphid’s Breath
  • Undine’s Breath
  • Salamander’s Breath
  • Gnome’s Breath

You can combine these auspices to get a stronger Auspice! Check out the details: Link


Enhancement Material

  • Transcendent Enhance Stone [+11 to +15]
  • Transcendent Enhancer [+5 to +7]
  • Transcendent Enhance Crystal [+4 to +6]
  • Sacred Enhance Stone [x1~2][Up to Rank 3]
  • Sacred Enhancer [x1~2][Up to Rank 3]
  • Sacred Enhance Crystal [x1~2][Up to Rank 3]

What is the difference between Sacred Stone [Rank 2] and [Rank 3]?

  • Rank 1: The enhance level may drop up to 5
  • Rank 2: The enhance level may drop up to 3
  • Rank 3: The enhance level never drops



  • Christmas Gear parts (Black Holy Winter Gear for Fighter, Christmas Noble Gear for Hunter, Christmas Rudolph Gear for Shaman, Christmas Queen Gear for Witchblade, Christmas Rabbit Gear for Mystic)
  • Wing: Akene's Messenger [S1][WIS/STR][up to permanent]
  • Wing: Messenger of Holy Night [WIS/STR][up to permanent] [Latest new Wing!]

Check out the details about Wing: Messenger of Holy Night! Link



  • Stone of Destruction [x1~3]
  • Soul: Destructive Standards parts
  • Soul: Life and Death parts [Brand New Soul item!]

What is Stone of Destruction?

You can also get this item by combining any 2 random soul parts and 20 Artisan Crystals in Nitro Cube(1~3 per combination). Once you get enough of them, go to the Warehouse Manager to exchange them for the Brand New EPIC Soul: Destructive Standards! You can check the bonus of this soul here: Link

Soul: Life and Death

Head (Bonus Option: STR ▲5 or WIS▲5)

- HP Recovery ▲3

- MP Recovery ▲6

- WIS ▲25

- INT ▲25

- Cast Speed ▲6%

 (Bonus Option: STR ▲5 or WIS▲5)

- WIS ▲25

- INT ▲25

- Attack Speed ▲4%

- Critical Chance ▲4%

- Cast Speed ▲4%



- Cooldown ▼10%



- Move Speed ▲4%

- Physical Defense ▲15%

- Magic Defense ▲15%

- Fire Defense ▲25

- Air Defense ▲25

- Earth Defense ▲25

- Water Defense ▲25


Gloves (Bonus Option: STR ▲5 or WIS▲5)

- STR ▲25

- HTH ▲25

- Attack Speed ▲4%

- Cast Speed ▲4%

- Critical Chance ▲4%


Shoes (Bonus Option: STR ▲5 or WIS▲5)

- STR ▲25

- HTH ▲25

- Damage ▼4%

- Move Speed ▲4%

- Critical Chance ▲4%


Set Effect

- Show Monster HP

- Physical Attack

- Magical Attack

- Applied to self upon attack

HP Regen ▲20 (Chance: 25%)(Duration: 1 sec)


  • Spellstone: Vow of Strength I parts
  • Spellstone: Vow of Strength II parts
  • Required Spellstone: Vow of Strength I parts
  • Required Spellstone: Vow of Strength II parts

Check out the details of Spellstones: Link



  • Gold Nethergem
  • PC Cafe Premium Item [1 day]
  • Single Skill Reset
  • Elemental Gem VIII
  • Resurrection Count Reset Scroll
  • Cosmos Stone

What is Gold Nethergem? Check out the details here: Link

How to use Single Skill Reset? Check out the details here: Link

That’s not all! You will get at least one R11 coin when you open a Platinum Chest. Once you’ve got enough of them, just head over to the Event Manager to exchange them for the following items! It is only usable while the Platinum Chest R11 is on sale.


Exchangeable Items

  • Sylphid/Undine/Salamander/Gnome’s Breath
  • Bless of Neamhain/Macha Dearg/Morrighan
  • Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 2]
  • Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]
  • PC Cafe Premium Item [1 day]
  • Stone of Destruction
  • Soul: Life and Death Chestpiece

**Exchangeable items may be changed during the next Platinum Chest update.


Come and grab your very own chest today and wish you all the best of luck!

C9 Support Team

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