[C9] Event – Hook the love! Sweet Fishing Event


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on February 14, 2017 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on February 28, 2017


Greetings C9 Actionists,


A wave of love is rolling in the Waterford ocean. With sweet baits and a fishing rod, you may catch the sweetest treasures!


How to participate:

  1. Enter Expert or Master dungeons in the 3rd Continent or higher.
  2. Find a Chocoball ViVic and defeat it.
  3. You may get a Sweet Bait Chest.
  4. Open the box and get Baits.
  5. Go to Waterford and equip your fishing rod and baits.
  6. You will catch various treasures below with Sweet Baits!


  • Rentus Sorcery Bowl/Bundle
  • Shining Spirit of War
  • Shining Chocolate Dragon Bracelet [7 days/30 days/permanent]
  • Brinstone Fragments [Account-bound]
  • Mysterious/Enigmatic Egg [Account-bound]
  • Mesmerizing Egg [Bound]
  • Chaos Stone/Magic Primer/Magic Seal Scroll x10~100 [Bound]
  • Headset [Fun Head Gear!]
  • Essence of Nightmare
  • Piece of Nightmare x1~10
  • Traces of Nightmare x5~50
  • Elemental Gem V~VII
  • Cosmos Stone [Bound]
  • Sacred Enhance Stone/Enhancer/Enhance Crystal
  • Artisan Crystal/Vacant Artisan Crystal x20~100
  • Unknown Faded Book x1~3
  • Dimensional Fissure/Bang Turmoil/the Archery/Evil’s Hideout x1~3 [Account-bound]
  • Ancient Arena Entrance Ticket x1~3 [Bound]
  • Resurrection Count Reset Scroll
  • Remodeling – Chocolate weapons [Except for the Viking and Mystic]
  • Remodeling - God's hammer Sephiroth/Gun Hammer of Daedalus
  • Euphausiid Bait – Automatic/Manual x5~10 [Bound]
  • Hell Ticket: Oberon's Haven/Fallen Lunard Castle/God's Calling x1~5 [Bound]
  • Bardiel Seal/Chaos Spire Invitation x1~5 [Bound]
  • Shining Chocolate Dragon Bracelet [7 days]
  • Extreme Training x3~5
  • Stamina Booster [30 points][7 days] x1~3 [Account-bound]
  • Silver/Gold/Diamond Chunk x5~30
  • Rutile/Phantom/Soul/Evil Quartz x5~30
  • Resurrection Scroll [x5] [Bound]
  • Divine Enhance Stones/Superior Armor Enhancer/Heavenly Crystals x3~10
  • Rahkdan's Madness x3~10


Enjoy the sweet Valentine’s Day with full of treasures!


C9 Support Team

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