[C9] Event - Play C9 with us!


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on February 14, 2017 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on March 14, 2017 (UTC)


Greetings C9 Actionists,


Precious rewards for new/returning players are back! Bring your friends to the world of Glenheim and enjoy enriched rewards for only 4 weeks!

Players who access C9 for the first time or C9 adventurers who have NOT visited C9 for recent 30 days will receive special rewards to the storage as below:


New Player


  • Must have no history on accessing to C9
  • Must create a new character and access to the character during the event period
  • The rewards will be sent to the Storage instantly



  • First Purchase Reward Coin [30 days]
  • Skill Reset Scroll [7 days]
  • Character Redesign [1 use]
  • PC Cafe Premium Item [30 days]
  • Abramo’s Luxury Ring [14 days]

** For this momth, New Player rewards have not been changed.
** All items are bound to character.
** Please make sure to receive and open the rewards box within 30 days as it will expire after 30 days.


What is First Purchase Reward Coin?

Combine this item with a Gold Coffer Coin at Nitro Cube to get a special auspice item, Fast Growth.


Returning Player


  • Must have access history on C9
  • Must have no history on accessing to C9 for past 30 days from the returning day
  • Must access to a character during the event period



  • Special Combination Coin [30 days]
  • 6th Continent Skill Book Coupon [Lv. 57][Rare] x2
  • Skill Book Coupon (Lv.57 Rare) x2
  • Skill Book Coupon (Lv. 50 Rare) x6
  • Revival Weapon Exchange Ticket [30 days]
  • Accel Weapon Exchange Ticket [30 days]
  • Popular Gear Set of your class [30 days]
  • Soul Set: Eyes of Storm [30 days]
  • Wing: Akene’s Messenger [30 days]
  • Class Changer x1
  • Inner Training [Awakening EXP +50%][1 hr]
  • Extreme Training [2 hr] x5
  • Abramo’s Luxury Ring [14 days]

** All items are bound to character, so please make sure to access to the character you wish to get the rewards first. We are unable to move the item once you got it.

** Please make sure to receive and open the rewards box within 3 days as it has an expiration date.


Enjoy party play with your friends!



C9 Support Team

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