[C9] Event - Green Week Event


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on March 14, 2017 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on March 21, 2017 (UTC)

Greetings C9 Actionists,


Long winter has come to an end in Glenheim and now we can see the leaf buds burst on the trees! It’s time to welcome the green season!


[Gigantic EXP Boost]

All players will have 200% EXP boost during Monday to Friday, and 600% EXP Boost on Saturday and Sunday!


[Lucky Clover Event]


Glenheim everywhere is starting to be covered by Green Clovers! You may find some lucky clovers that Event Manager is looking for!

How to participate:

  1. Win Ranked PvP match and get Three Leaf Clover item.
  2. You can also exchange Arena, Intrusion and Fishing Coins for more Three Leaf Clovers with the Event Manager.
  3. Four Leaf Clovers are obtainable everyday. Simply access your character everyday during the event period in UTC and receive a Four Leaf Clover to your storage! The item will be given only once per account on each day.
  4. Gather the clovers and exchange them for various rewards with the Event Manger!

 ** Clover items are bound to account.

Exchangable Coins/Tokens for Three Leaf Clover

  • Gold Honor Coin x100
  • Blood Token Lv. 1 x20
  • Blood Token Lv. 2 x20
  • Aegis Token Lv. 1 x50
  • Aegis Token Lv. 2 x50
  • Fishing Rod Coin x15


Exchangable Rewards




Pouch of happiness

Three Leaf Clover x10

Special Rewards Box

Green potion

Three Leaf Clover x50

Move Speed ▲20%

Attack Speed ▲20%

Cast Speed ▲20%

Cooldowns ▼10%

Duration: 15 sec

Forest Fairy Hat

Four Leaf Clovers x4

New Head Gear, Bound on equip

Transcendent Enhance Stone [+9]

Four Leaf Clovers x4


Transcendent Enhancer [+4]

Four Leaf Clovers x4


Transcendent Enhance Crystal [+3]

Four Leaf Clovers x4


Extreme Training III [1 day]

Four Leaf Clovers x4


Skill Reset Scroll [3 days]

Four Leaf Clovers x4


** All items except for the Forest Fairy Hat item will be bound to character.


Pouch of happiness may contain:

  • Stamina Booster [50 points][3 days][Bound]
  • Sarad/Raebin Mystery Chest x5
  • Resurrection Scroll [x3]
  • The Archery/ Evils' Hideout Ticket [1 day][Account-bound]
  • Clam Worm – Manual/Automatic Bait x10 [Bound]
  • Ginseng/Gold Chunk/Silver Chunk x10
  • Inferior Life/Mana Potion x3
  • Extreme Training/Training [2 hr]
  • Vacant Artisan Crystal x10~100


This is not all! If you get the Green potion item, you will get a special legend “Tasted Green” that will increase your Move Speed by 5%!


We look forward to seeing you in the world of Glenheim!

C9 Support Team

Your Time UTC