[C9] Sales – Don’t let you fail! Sacred Enhance Material [2 Plus] & Lucky Stone V3


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on March 28, 2017 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on April 25, 2017


Greetings C9 Actionists,


With Enhancing Chance Boost event, Sacred Enhance Material [2 Plus] is available in Cash Shop for a limited Period. Furthermore, purchasing a Lucky Stone V2 [x10] bundle will give you a bonus “Lucky Stone V3” item for free instead of additional Lucky Stone V2!


What is the difference between the Sacred Enhance Material [Rank 1/Rank 2/2 Plus/Rank 3]?

  • Rank 1: The enhance level may drop up to 5 when enhancement failed
  • Rank 2: The enhance level may drop up to 3 when enhancement failed
  • 2 Plus: The enhance level may drop by only 1 when enhancement failed
  • Rank 3: The enhance level never drops


What is Lucky Stone V3?

It will increase the success rate of your enhancement attempt by 80%! And it also reduces the chance of getting your equipment destroyed!

You will have much more advantage with Lucky Stone V3 when you try enhancing weapons with +18 or lower level than using Lucky Stone R1, R2, or V1, V2. For weapons with +19 or higher level, of course, it will help, but not as much as Lucky Stone R2.


**Please note that the items are bound.


Enjoy the biggest chance!



C9 Support Team

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