[C9] Event - No-hit Challenge Event


Greetings C9 Players,


[GM] DIO here, I’ll be explaining to you all about how our Month Long EVENT will work, so read carefully!


The basic mechanics of the game is quite simple really, Players will need to record a run of a Expert Difficulty Dungeon and finish it without being hit once, upload it to Youtube and post the link in the official forum post.  Simple right? Well, here is how Skill, Patience and overall Pro you have to be:



  1. Players need to be at least level 20 to join.
  2.  Must be a Solo run.
  3. Players will need to finish the Dungeon while not being hit even once.
  4. Dungeon must be Expert Level Difficulty.
  5. Players must complete the dungeon with intrusion off.
  6. Players are not allowed to use/equip any level of skill books.
  7. Fury Potions and Fury Gauge Regen are allowed but, Fury Formation skills are not allowed due to invincibility frames.
  8. Items and other restrictions:
    • Most Invincibility producing skill, item or even possible exploit.
      •  List of Skills that cannot be used during the run:
        1. Soul Aura.
        2. Tempest.
        3. The reaping.
        4. Destroyer.
        5. Bone Shatter.
        6. Mortal Chain Cut.
        7. Ominous Fog.
        8. Mana Cannon.
        9. Expert Guard.
        10. Condemning Assault.
        11. Avalanche / Phantom of Avalanche.
        12. Will To Live.
      • "Tender Cutlet" (any grade) is not allowed for use due to invincibility.
      • The Pet Nyx is not allowed for use due to it's skill being an Invincibility buff
  9. Players need to follow the Dungeon Requirements per Character Level, listed below:




20 - 25

Bewitching forest.

26 - 32

Oberon Haven.

33 - 40

Henko Crater.

41 - 50

Fallen Lunard Castle.

51 - 53

Occult temple.

54 - 56

God's calling.

57 - 60

Fire Shrine of Euphria.

61 - 63

Holy City of Basilus.

64 - 67

Abyssal Underways or Hidden Valley of the Wind

68 - 70

Twisted Forest Maze.

Easy, right? Once you’re good to go, you just need to follow these simple steps to validate and submit your entry:


  1. Before starting the Run, Players will need to show the FF:
    • Entering and Selecting the Expert Level Quest.
    • Equipment Screen.
    • Skill book Equipment Screen.
  2. Upload the recorded video to Youtube (Players are free to edit the video but not cut parts when they are doing the dungeon).
    • Video should be clear enough for judging.
    • The video should not exceed more than 20 minutes (Dungeon Run Only).
  3. Post the FF. format to the official Forum Post:
    • Character ID
    • Server
    • YouTube Link
  4. One Video per Account, so that all of the Participating Players will have a chance in Winning.

Here is the Overall Schedule of the EVENT.

*Event Start and Submission: 04/01/17 - 04/25/17.

*Judging and deliberation: 04/26/2017 - onwards.

*Announcement of Winners and Sending of Rewards: TBA (depending on the number of entries)

Winners of the EVENT will be judged by yours truly. Speaking of Winners, here are the list of Prizes:

Prizes: (All rewards are Account/Character bound)

First Place:

  • One (1) +13 Transcendent Enhance Stone
  • One (1) Power of Element Auspice
  • One (1) Nimyuae Carve Stone Chest [Account-bound]

Second Place:

  • One (1) +12 Transcendent Enhance Stone
  • One (1) Revenge of Blood Auspice
  • One (1) Nyx Carve Stone Chest [Account-bound]

Third Place:

  • One (1) Might of Dragon Auspice
  • One (1) Nyx Carve Stone Chest [Account-bound]
  • (x500) Chaos Stones [Bound]

Participation Prize:

  • Mysterious Egg [Account-bound]
  • (x500) Chaos Stones [Bound] 


That’s about it. Easy, right? Like a walk in the park? Do you think you got some skills? Well then…. SHOW ME!


As always, Stay Fresh!



C9 Support Team

Your Time UTC