[C9] Event – Where’s the Rabbit Box?


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on April 11, 2017 ~ before the scheduled maintenance on April 25, 2017 (UTC)


Greetings C9 Actionists,


Spring is here in Glenheim and hidden rabbits appeared with flower in full bloom! If you’re lucky, you may find the hidden trace of Easter Bunny and get a bunch of rewards!


[Find the Bunnies]


Goblins putting on a weird rabbit-shaped box appear in Glenheim! They’re called Easter Bunnies, and you may get some fortune if you find them!


How to participate:

  1. Every Expert or Master difficult dungeons in the 4th continent or higher has a chance of "Easter Bunny" to appear.
  2. Harder the dungeon, better the chances!
  3. Defeat the Easter Bunny to receive a “Easter Gift Box”.
  4. Open the box to receive one of the items as below:
  • Easter Bracelet
  • Easter Ring
  • Easter Auspice
  • Fluttering Sea Sand/ Overflowing White Sand x1~10
  • Blue Aquamarine
  • Auspice: Oceanic Breeze/Dark Blue Vortex/Oceanic Haven/Predator of Abyssal Ocean
  • Essence of Nightmare
  • Piece of Nightmare x1~10
  • Traces of Nightmare x5~50
  • Elemental Gem VI/VII
  • Cosmos Stone [Bound]
  • Stone of Destruction/Striker [Account-bound]
  • Chaos Stone/Magic Primer/Magic Seal Scroll x10~30 [Bound]
  • Sacred Enhance Stone/Enhancer/Enhance Crystal
  • Traces of Nightmare
  • Unknown Faded Book
  • Rabbit Head Gear (4 types for each class)
  • Resurrection Scroll [x5]
  • Brinstone Fragments [Account-bound] x1~3
  • Euphausiid Bait – Automatic/Manual x5~30
  • Stamina Booster [30 points][7 days] x1~3
  • Unknown Faded Book x1~2 [Account-bound]
  • Dimensional Fissure/Bang Turmoil/The Archery/Evil’s Hideout Ticket [1 day][Account-bound] x1~3
  • Ancient Arena Entrance Ticket [1 day][Account-bound] x1~3
  • Rahkdan's Madness x5~19
  • Artisan Crystal/Vacant Artisan Crystal x20~100


[Special Gift to All]


Simply access to C9 on April 16 and you will find a spring rabbit!


What is Spring Rabbit?

Spring Rabbit is a special creature that help you get into adventures in Glenheim just like other pets. Spring Rabbit does not evolve, and can level up to 30. Spring Rabbit also loots quest items and golds for its master. This special pet cannot be obtained through other eggs or pet combination.


How to participate:

  1. Enter C9 on April 16, 2017 in UTC.
  2. Select the character you would like to receive the Spring Rabbit carefully.
  3. Enter the world of Glenheim and check your storage.
  4. You will find a Mesmerizing Egg!
  5. Spring Rabbit will hatch from Mesmerizing Egg and become your loyal friend.

** The item would be sent to the first character you enter on April 16, 2017 in UTC.
** The item is bound to character. So please be careful selecting the character!


Find Spring Rabbits and precious treasures hidden under blossoms!



C9 Support Team

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