[C9] Sales - Platinum Chest x100 Bundle is Back for a Limited Period


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on April 18, 2017 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on April 25, 2017


Greetings C9 Actionists,


Platinum Chest x100 bundle which has DOUBLE platinum coins has been one of the favorite goods of C9 treasure seekers, but unfortunately, those deluxe bundles are only available for a short period.

However, don't worry if you have missed out that fancy offers! Now the bundle is back once more, with even better reason to get!

Players who purchase "Platinum Chest [100x]" will have a chance to win the powerful auspice “Bless of Badhbh Cath”! For each purchase, you will be entered 1x into our draw for the rewards. So the more you buy, the better your chances!


  • This event is account-wise, not character-wise.
  • Total 3 winners will win the prize.
  • All rewards will be given AFTER the scheduled maintenance on April 25, 2017.


Grab the chance now as these popular bundles might be out of stock again!



C9 Support Team

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