[C9] Sales - Brand New Diamond Chest R4


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on April 25, 2016 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on May 16, 2017 (UTC)


Greetings C9 Actionists,


A very old shipwreck was discovered off shore near Waterford. The ship was fraught with mysterious lockboxes, but they were covered with seaweed so that no one could identify what is inside each of them. Soon people found out that the boxes are full of different valuables and they became famous as “Diamond Chests.” Treasure hunters gathered in Waterford soon found even new ones with priceless items!


Now new Diamond Chest with even better treasures for a limited period!


Diamond Chest R4 contains may contain:

  • Elemental Gem VIII x2~4
  • Transcendent Enhance Stone [+11 to +15] 
  • Transcendent Enhancer [+5 to +7]
  • Transcendent Enhance Crystal [+4 to +6]
  • Jack the Ripper
  • Bless of Neamhain/Macha Dearg/Morrighan/Badhbh Cath
  • Power of Element [Check the stats here: Link]
  • Cosmos Stone
  • Protective Crystal for Weapon's Magic [Brand New Item!]
  • Acharon's Devotion
  • Blessing of Pain [Powerful Bracelet]
  • Song of Dawn Light [Powerful Bracelet]
  • Confession of Glowing Sunset [Powerful Bracelet]
  • Stone of Destruction/Striker x10~20
  • Dainlard Gear Parts [Fighter-Black, Hunter/Shaman/Witchblade/Mystic-Red][New Mystic Gear Added!]
  • Mysterious Egg I/II
  • Curious Egg
  • Mysterious/Enigmatic/Curious Egg x1~2
  • Sacred Enhance Stone/Enhancer/Enhance Crystal [2 Plus/Rank 3]


What is the difference between the Sacred Enhance Material [Rank 1/Rank 2/2 Plus/Rank 3]?

  • Rank 1: The enhance level may drop up to 5
  • Rank 2: The enhance level may drop up to 3
  • 2 Plus: The enhance level may drop by only 1
  • Rank 3: The enhance level never drops


What is Stone of Destruction/Stiker?
Gather enough amount of the items, and talk to the Event Manager to exchange them for powerful Epic Soul: Destructive/Striker Standards! You can check the stats here: Destructive Standards / Striker Standards

What is Protective Crystal for Weapon's Magic?
Check out the description of Magic Amplification System: Link

Check the powerful stats of Unique Bracelets, Blessing of Pain, Song of Dawn Light, and Confession of Glowing Sunset:

Come and grab your very own chest today and wish you all the best of luck!



C9 Support Team

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