[C9] Sales - Grab Your Best Skill Book Set! Holiday Skill Book Chest Returns


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on May 16, 2017 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on May 30, 2017 (UTC)


Greetings C9 Actionists,


Are you feeling unfairness when there are 3 class builds for Mystic but have much more for Shaman? Are you hesitating try opening Skill Book Chest of your class due to its high price? Emerging Merchant Vache had offered greatly imporved skill book chests to C9 adventurers for a short period, and now they're restocked finally!

Holiday Skill Book Chest is again availalble for a limited period.

Holiday Skill Book Box is a special skill book chest which contains a skill book of only 2 or 3 classes as below.

  1. Fighter A: Guardian, Warrior, Blademaster
  2. Fighter B: Berserker, Viking
  3. Hunter A: Assassin, Ranger, Shadow
  4. Hunter B: Scout, Gunslinger
  5. Shaman A: Elementalist (Shine), Illusionist, Demonisher
  6. Shaman B: Elementalist (Shade), Taoist (Magical)
  7. Shaman C: Taoist (Physical), Reaperess
  8. Witchblade A: Slayer, Bladedancer
  9. Witchblade B: Warden, Nightstalker
  10. Mystic: Battle Maiden, Erta, Valkyrie


The Holiday Skill Book Chest may contain:

  • Only Perfect-graded 4th Continent Skill Book
  • All kinds of Rare or Perfect 5th Continent Skill Book including all books from Bardiel Seal
  • Rare or Perfect 6th Continent Skill Book excluding 2 books from Chaos Spire


This tempting offer will not last long! It’s time to complete your set!



C9 Support Team

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