[C9] Sales – Artisan Material Box! Gather Ore and Boost up the Power of your Equipment!


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on May 30, 2017 ~ before the scheduled maintenance on June 27, 2017 (UTC)


Greetings C9 Actionists,


Ores are prohibitive in golds these days in Glenheim market. Emerging merchant Vache is one of the fastest person who capture the needs, so he promptly imports a lots of Ores and precious craft materials from a faraway place! Artisan Material Box is available in Cash Shop for whom is seeking for craft materials and protective crystals!


Artisan Material Box may contain one of the items below:

  • Rentus War Relic/Curio/Artifact x3~5
  • Rentus Sorcery Bundle/Bowl x3~5
  • Shining Spirit of War x3~5
  • Weapon Ore [Perfect]: Lv. 57 x1~2
  • Armor/Accessory Ore [Perfect]: Lv. 57 x1~3
  • Weapon Ore/Armor/Accessory Ore [Master]: Lv. 57
  • Weapon Ore/Armor/Accessory [Perfect/Ultimate/Master] Lv.63
  • Protective Crystal for Weapon/Armor/Accessory's Magic


Grab yours while they’re in stock!



C9 Support Team

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