[C9] Sales – Lucky Stone V3 Package! Only what you need now!


UPDATED - the sales duration has been extended for 1 week.

: After the scheduled maintenance on June 27, 2017 ~ before the scheduled maintenance on July 25, 2017 (UTC)


Greetings C9 Actionists,


Beloved and Rare Lucky Stone V3 has returned with only what you need! If you were planning to enhance some stuff, now if your best chance!


Lucky Stone V3 is available with a single product or a package with Magic Primer.


Price (Wcoin)

Lucky Stone V3 [Account-bound] x1


Lucky Stone V3 [Account-bound] x10

Magic Primer x9999



What is Lucky Stone V3?

It will increase the success rate of your enhancement attempt by 80%! And it also reduces the chance of getting your equipment destroyed!

You will have much more advantage with Lucky Stone V3 when you try enhancing weapons with +18 or lower level than using Lucky Stone R1, R2, or V1, V2. For weapons with +19 or higher level, of course, it will help, but not as much as Lucky Stone R2.


Enjoy the biggest chance!



C9 Support Team

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