[C9] Event - Ranked PvP Event


Duration: August 12, 2017 ~ August 21, 2017 (UTC)


When was the last time you had a good fight with other fellow guardians of Glenheim? When was the last time you saw some blood and bone? If you think you are missing out on this month of PVP, think again. Because we are going to give you a good reason to kick your best friend’s butt!

How to participate:

1. Your character must be level 45 or higher.

2. Go to the Arena and play Ranked PvP.

3. Win the Ranked Match and receive one of the various rewards as below:

  • Book of Knowledge [EXP +1,000,000][Account-bound]
  • Smoked and roaded Pacific Herring
  • Gizzard Grilled with Salt
  • Pure Glassfish Soup
  • Stone Flounder Sashimi
  • Boiled Spicy Clouded Blenny
  • Grilled Fourstriped Grunter with sauce
  • Red Seabream Steak
  • Pure Cod Soup
  • Roasted Chicken Grunt
  • Boiled Spicy Spotted Halibut
  • Roasted Sailfin Sandfish
  • Kelp Grouper Raw Fish
  • Butterfish Steak
  • Fried Opaleye
  • Rock Porgy Grilled with Salt
  • Black Porgy Clear Soup
  • Staff of the All-Seeing Eye x3~5
  • PC Cafe Premium Item [1 hr] x1~2
  • Potion of Rage
  • Extreme Training [2 hr][150%/200%][Account-bound] x1~2
  • Level Requirement Reducer +5 [6 hr][Account-bound] x1~2
  • Stamina Booster [50 points]
  • Winner's Resurrection Scroll [x3]

** The rewards will be sent randomly each time you win a Ranked PvP match.

** All items except for the Account-bound items are bound to character. 

Now is the time to be up to the challenge!



C9 Support Team

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