[C9] Event – Legendary 5-week Relay!


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on September 26, 2017 ~ before the scheduled maintenance on October 31, 2017 (UTC)


Greetings C9 Actionists,


Beautiful season begins in Glenheim and all Glenheim farmers had a rich harvest this year. Not only plentiful crops, but we also have abound events with Artesia and Akene’s Blessings. For 5 weeks in a row, we have festive events with enormous rewards!

Check out what we’ll get below!


[Artesia’s Blessing]


Water Dragon Artesia has seen many Glenheim actionists struggling in Raebin and the Shadow world and decided to help them. Simply access the world of Glenheim and get Legendary Weapons!


How to participate:

1. Access any of your character with level 60 or higher every day.

2. Check the storage and receive Daily Giftbox [Account-bound].

3. Open the box to receive all the items below.

  • Extreme Training [Expires in 1 day][Bound to character]
  • Inner Training [Awakening EXP +50%][1 hr] [Expires in 1 day][Bound to character]
  • Stamina Booster [100 points] [Expires in 1 day][Bound to character]
  • Extreme Potion Package [Expires in 1 day][Bound to character]
  • Resurrection Count Reset Scroll x3 [Expires in 1 day][Bound to character]
  • Morris' Resurrection Scroll [x10] [Expires in 1 day][Bound to character]
  • Special Reward Combination Coin [Expires in 1 day][Bound to account]
  • Artesia's Scale Piece [Bound to account]

4. Access to C9 every day and collect Artesia's Scale Piece items.

5. Gather the Artesia's Scale Piece items and exchange them with the Event Manager for various items below.

  • Artesia's Blessed Weapon [Requires 30 scales for two-handed weapons, 15 scales for one-handed weapons]
  • Auspice: Artesia's Grace [Bound to character][Requires 7 scales]
  • Artesia's Blessed Artifact Box [Bound to account][Requires 5 scales]
  • Urchin Bait - Automatic x20 [Bound to character][Requires 3 scales]
  • Unknown Faded Book [Account to account][Requires 2 scales]
  • Ancient Arena Entrance Ticket [Bound to character][Expires in 1 day][Requires 1 scale]


What is Special Reward Combination Coin?

Combine the item and one Gold Coffer Coin in Nitro Cube. You will receive additional Artesia's Scale Piece! The coin expires in 24 hours.


**Please note that: You can receive the item once per account every day. The Daily Giftbox expires in 24 hours. Please make sure to open the box before it expires.


[Akene’s Blessing]


Goddess Akene has granted even stronger power to all Glenheim heroes so that you can sweep through all dungeons!


How to participate:

1. Talk to the Event Manager every day.

2. Complete the daily quest and receive Akene Support Chest.

3. Open the Chest to receive the items below.

  • Akene Coins x4000 [Bound to character][expires in 1 day when unused]
  • Honey Juice x10 [Bound to character][expires in 1 day when unused]
  • Green Grape Juice x10 [Bound to character][expires in 1 day when unused]

** Honey Juice and Green Juice will give you 40% stronger attack damage and damage resistance in all continents for 600 seconds!

4. If you are 70 level or higher, you can get additional daily quest from the Event Manager.

5. Clear Shadow Dungeons 3 times.

6. Talk to the Event Manager again to complete the quest and receive Akene Coins x6000!


**Please note that: The Akene Support Chest expires in 24 hours. Please make sure to open the chest before it expires.


Even better, we have new awesome legends for Shadow Dungeons. Check out the bonuses in the link: Click


[Daily EXP Bonus]


Daily free gifts are not all we got! All players will feel empowered and receive an additional 200% EXP in a specific continent everyday.



Affected Continent

Required Level

Bonus EXP





























** As Shadow world is an independent place, the 6th Continent EXP boost will not apply to the Shadow Dungeons.


We look forward to seeing you in the world of Glenheim!



The C9 Support Team

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