[C9] Sales – Cash Shop Renewal – Top gear, soul and more valuables available!


Duration: October 24, 2017 ~ The next Cash Shop Update


Greetings C9 Actionists,


After many contents updates, we have received a bunch of feedbacks from players about putting back more various gears and souls once again. So we are updating the Cash shop based on feedback from actionists!



5 different gear sets with 1 color variation is available in cash shop. Enjoy new look with new gears!

Available products:

  • Fighter, Hunter, Shaman, and Witchblade – Pirate, Oriental, Sports, Immortal Medics and Greek Mythology Gear Sets
  • Mystic – Popstar, Trump, Sports, Immortal Medics, Greek Mythology Gear Sets




Permanent souls are back in Cash Shop with lowered prices! Of course, you can still buy the timed soul sets with only 100 wcoins!

Available products:

  • Soul: Veteran's Spirit
  • Soul: Star of Walachia


[Legendary Ore Chest]

Even more, now is the easiest time for all of you to be the strongest! 2 kinds of Legendary Ore chests are available with reasonable prices.

Available products:

  • Legendary Weapon Ore Chest
  • Legendary Armor Ore Chest

At least 1 Legendary-graded Ore is guaranteed. You will not lose a draw! If you are lucky, you will get a bigger amount, up to 10!


It’s time to try new look! Head to the Shop today!



C9 Support Team

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