[C9] Event - Raleigh's Secret Shop


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on December 5, 2017 ~ before the scheduled maintenance on December 12, 2017 (UTC)


Greetings C9 Actionists,


Event Manger Raleigh has recently made a great deal with premium item providers and opened a secret shop! Cash Shop offers great conveniences, but now you can also get special items including premium cash items with just golds and simple in-game items!


Some items are even very rare in Cash Shop, so go get them fast while they’re in stock!


How to participate:

  1. Prepare some golds and the item “Tertis Claw.”
  2. Talk to the Event Manger in any town.
  3. Press the “Gold Sale Event” button.
  4. Purchase what you want with golds and the Tertis Claw!
  5. The products change every day! Don't miss a single day!


Raleigh may prepare another great offer unexpectedly next time, so make sure to talk to him regularly!



C9 Support Team

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