[C9] Event - Glenheim Holiday Celebration - UPDATED


UDPATED - Skill Book Quests are for new characters which have not completed the same quest before. Check out the Skill Book Quest details in the jumping quest notice.

: After the scheduled maintenance on December 12, 2017 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on December 26, 2017 (UTC)

Greetings C9 Actionists,

In the spirit of the holiday season, we have prepared an event to boost the rewards of your
C9 adventures! Please play during the event times to receive the following boosts and an
additional key for clearing a stage!

 <Holiday Boost>

  • Daily Survival Conqueror Chest Giveaway Quest
  • Artisan EXP 300% boost
  • Stage clear key bonus 1 (Except for "Bad grade")

<Daily Random Gift>

Not only awesome boosts, but we've still got nice gifts for all of you! Simply join the world of Glenheim and claim free gifts!

How to participate:

  1. Access to a C9 character with Lv. 60 or higher every day.
  2. Check your storage.
  3. Receive Surprise Giftbox!
  4. What's in the giftbox? You will find out in the world of Glenheim!


Rewards would be one from below:

Rewards Item Special Combination Reward
  • Special Reward Combination Coin [Account-bound]
  • Hell Ticket: God's Calling/Oberon's Haven/Fallen Lunard Castle x3
  • Bardiel Seal/Chaos Spire Invitation x3
  • Morris' Resurrection Scroll [x20]
  • Resurrection Count Reset Scroll x3
Resurrection Scroll x50
  • Special Reward Combination Coin [Account-bound]
  • Gold Nethergem
  • Realm of the Ancients Map x3
Cosmos Stone
  • Special Reward Combination Coin [Account-bound]
  • Stamina Booster [100 points]
  • Inner Training[Awakening EXP +50%][1 hr] x3
  • Evil's Hideout Ticket x3
  • Extreme Training [2 hr] x3
Ultiamte Training
  • Special Reward Combination Coin [Account-bound]
  • Euphausiid Bait - Automatic x30
  • Euphausiid Bait - Manual x30
  • Smoked and roaded Pacific Herring
  • Gizzard Grilled with Salt
  • Pure Glassfish Soup
  • Stone Flounder Sashimi
  • Boiled Spicy Clouded Blenny
  • Grilled Fourstriped Grunter with sauce
  • Red Seabream Steak
  • Pure Cod Soup
Mini-game Special Cards x10
  • Special Reward Combination Coin [Account-bound]
  • Lucky Stone V1
  • Sacred Enhance Stone
Magic Primer x150
  • Special Reward Combination Coin [Account-bound]
  • Champion's Necklace [7 days]
  • Champion’s Bracelet [7 days]
Chaos Stone x150

What is Special Reward Combination Coin?

Combine this item with a Gold Coffer Coin at Nitro Cube to get special rewards! You can get Gold Coffer Coin for 100% chance by simply opening 1 Gold Coffer. Make sure to use it fast, as it will expire in 24 hours!


Please note that:

  • You can receive the item once per character each day.
  • The gift box is bound to account, and the contents in the box and the combination rewards would be bound to character except for some items writtin as account-bound above.
  • The gift box and the items in the box expire soon. Please receive and use them fast.

<Daily Event Dungeon>

Event dungeon opend again! For this holiday season, Event Manager will give you tickets of the ONE event dungeon each day. What event will we have on which day? You will find out in the world of Glenheim!

  • Event Dungeon – Dimensional Fissure
  • Event Dungeon – Bang Turmoil
  • Event Dungeon - Evil's Hideout
  • Event Dungeon - The Archery

**Some events can be held more than one day during the event.

**Each event will end and another will start at 00:00 UTC.

We look forward to seeing you in the world of Glenheim!
C9 Support Team

Your Time UTC