[C9] Sales - Palladium Broadway Straight Chest Returns for a Limited Period!


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on January 9, 2018 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on January 23, 2018


Greetings C9 Actionists,


For those who want to conquer all dungeons, we’ve got a little help! Palladium Broadway Chest has returned for a limited period!


[Palladium Broadway Straight Chest]

For those who want to get the nicest set effect, here is the great chance!


Palladium Broadway Straight Chest that contains only 10, J, Q, K, or A rank of the 4 types, Dragon, Phoenix, Unicorn, and Kumiho is available in the cash shop for a limited period with a reasonable price!

You can purchase each chest or a 10x package that contains bonus Akene Coins x1500 and Goddess’s Tears x200!


[Palladium Mix & Match System]

Don’t worry even you have some extra Palladium items you don’t want! You can now use Mix and Match system to get a new Palladium Chest!


How to do the Palladium Mix & Match:

  1. Go to any Magic Merchant.
  2. Buy Tax Receipt with golds.
  3. Put 3 of any Palladium items and 5 Tax Receipts in Nitro Cube and combine.
  4. You will get a new Palladium Chest!

You can use this mix and match system any time.


We look forward to seeing you in the world of Glenheim!


C9 Support Team

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