[C9] Events - Dominate the GvG Event and Claim the Title of the Strongest!


Registration: June 12 (UTC 9:00) – June 19 (UTC 9:00 )

The Battle has begun! Calling the banners of the strongest guilds in all servers to clash to our very first season of Guild vs Guild Tournament!

Gather your top 5 strongest warriors and register to our official recruitment thread in our official forum boards.


GvG Event Schedule

Akene: June 23, 2018 - 22:00 UTC

Rahkdan: June 23, 2018 - 16:00 UTC

Acharon: June 22, 2018 - 12:00 UTC


Each of winning guild member who participated in the tournament will receive:


3x Joker Palladium Chest

3x Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]

1x Transcendent Enhance Stone [+15]

3x Transcendent Enhancer [+15]

And a title [Season 1 GvG Champion] in-game and discord


Runner-up will receive:


1x Joker Palladium Chest

2x Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]

1x Transcendent Enhance Stone [+14]

2x Transcendent Enhancer [+15]


Semi-finalists will receive:


1x Transcendent Enhance Stone [+14]

1x Transcendent Enhancer [+15]


All participants will receive:


3x Ultimate Training [1 hr]

3x Morris’ Resurrection Scroll [x20]

1x Inventory Expansion Scroll

2x Bang Turmoil Ticket

2x Dimensional Fissure Ticket

Event Rules


Each guild team will be consisted of 5 players from the guild

Latency should be above 2 bars

Connection related issues are not considered, and the match will continue until one team wins

Each match will be recorded for later use.

The team should not consist of repetitive classes.
Line up Example:
1 Battle Maiden, 1 Berserker, 1 Taoist, 1 Elementalist, 1 Reaper - Allowed
2 Battle Maiden, 2 Taoist, 1 Berserker - Not Allowed 



Any kind of Armors, Auspice, Soul Set, Accessories, Palladiums, Growth Stone, Wings are not allowed. This is to implement the balance of PvP Gameplay.

Only Lv.43 or Lv.47 weapons from Runnersville NPC is allowed. For those weapons that are not available on the NPC, the participant should farm the equipment with equivalent stats of the NPC Weapons from Runnersville.




1. GM event facilitator will create a room titled based on the upcoming match up.

2. The room's password will be provided to each team's team leader.

3. Room Set-up will be prepared by the GM Event Facilitator.

4. 5 Minute preparation time will be given to each team.

5. If a player is disconnected, while in the room; a maximum of 10 minute window will be provided.

6. If the Team Leader decided to substitute a player prior the start of the match the Team Leader 7. should inform the GM Facilitator asap.

8. If the player failed to reconnect within the allotted time, the match proceed regardless of the number of players.

9. Any known/unknown bugs, glitches, hacks performed during the match will automatically grant the team disqualifications and suspension.

10. Once a team has won the match they will proceed to the next round until the Finals.

11. Team Leader's can call substitution as long as the match has not yet started.




First Round – Single Elimination

Second Round – Best of 3

Finals Race to 3

We really hope you enjoy this event!

Your C9 Team

Your Time UTC