[C9] Event – Join the Timeattack Challenge and No-Hit Event!

Greetings C9 Actionists,

Challenge yourself and prove your skills on Time-Attack and No-Hit Challenge!

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[Time Attack Challenge]

Challenge to the Time Attack challenge and claim the #1 spot!


Time Attack Challenge Rewards will be (1 for each class):


1st Place:

3x Joker Palladium Chest

3x Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]

1x Transcendent Enhance Stone [+15]

3x Transcendent Enhancer [+15]


2nd Place

1x Joker Palladium Chest

2x Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]

1x Transcendent Enhance Stone [+14]

2x Transcendent Enhancer [+15]


Semi-finalists will receive:

1x Transcendent Enhance Stone [+14]

1x Transcendent Enhancer [+15]


All participants will receive:

3x Ultimate Training [1 hr]

3x Morris’ Resurrection Scroll [x20]

1x Inventory Expansion Scroll

2x Bang Turmoil Ticket

2x Dimensional Fissure Ticket


[No-hit Challenge]

Prove your skills through no-hit challenge!


All participants who succeeds No-Hit Challenge will receive:


1x PC Café Premium Item [7 Days]

2x Warehouse Expansion Scroll

1x Mysterious Egg [Gold]

5x Dimensional Fissure Ticket

5x Bang Turmoil Ticket

1x Lucky Stone V3

5x Akene Coins [10,000]



Here are the rules:


You will need to clear the dungeon below – for your corresponding level:

20 - 25 Bewitching forest 

26 - 32 Oberon Haven 

33 - 40 Henko Crater 

41 - 50 Fallen Lunard Castle 

51 - 53 Occult temple 

54 - 56 God's calling 

57 - 60 Fire Shrine of Euphria 

61 - 63 Holy City of Basilus 

64 - 69 Abyssal Underways or Hidden Valley of the Wind 

70 - 80 Twisted Forest Maze (No skillbook)


1. Player must be at least level 20 to participate

2. The clear must be solo-clear

3. Player must clear the dungeon as fast as possible

4. Dungeon difficulty must be Expert

5. Intrusion must be off

6. Skillbook usage is allowed except for Twisted Forest Maze

7. Fury potions and Fury Gauge Regen is allowed, but Fury Formation is not allowed


Here are the steps that you will need to follow to submit your entry:


1. Before starting the Run, Players will need to show the FF:

     -Entering and Selecting the Expert Level Quest.

     -Equipment Screen.

     -Skill book Equipment Screen.

2. Upload the recorded video to YouTube (Players are free to edit the video but not cut parts when they are doing the dungeon).

     -Video should be clear enough for judging.

     -The video should not exceed more than 20 minutes (Dungeon Run Only).

3. Post the FF. format below:

Character ID:


YouTube Link:

One Video per Account, so that all of the Participating Players will have a chance in Winning.

Go on and post your videos here:

Timeattack Challenge
No-Hit Challenge

Well, that’s it! You think you are good enough? Show your ability and skills!


Your C9 Team

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