[C9] Events - Facebook Fan Art Finalists are here!


Here are admin’s choice of 5 amazing artworks from our beloved C9 Players!

They will be posted here in our facebook page!

Top 5 are:

Zte (Rahkdan)
[VLT]卄卂乂 (Rahkdan)
xBerto (Acharon)
Xperia™ (Acharon)
IIAyaMeII (Acharon)

Like, Comment, and Share your favorite artwork!

Each action will be converted into points, and will affect the overall score!
Like = 1 Point
Comment = 2 Points
Share = 3 Points (Share must be visible)

Overall winner will be decided by 50% voting score and 50% admin score.

Don’t forget that with more votes, better rewards will be given to ALL players. So don’t forget to vote and encourage your fellow heroes of Glenheim to vote!

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