[C9] Events - PvP Mix & Match Event!


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on July 23rd, 2018 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on July 31st, 2018 (UTC)

Get ready to rumble and grab extra rewards at the PvP Mix & Match event!


How to Participate:

1. Fight and win a Ranked PvP Match.

2. Upon victory, you will have the chance to receive Mix and Match Coin

3. Combine the coin

-Mix 1 Gear Parts, 1 Mix and Match Coin, 10 Tertis Claws and get Superior Mix and Match Box

-Mix 2 Tax Receipts, 2 Mix and Match Coins, 10 Tertis Claws and get Common Mix and Match Box


Mix and Match Box may contain following items:

Mu Legend Helm and Chestpiece

Norgant Mystery Chest

Okapia Mystery Chest

Sarad Mystery Chest

Honey Juice

Green Grape Juice

Magic Primer,

Chaos Stone

Archery Ticket

Bang Turmoil Ticket

Dimensional Fissure Ticket

Artisan Crystal

Book of Knowledge

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