[C9] Event - Take out Evils in the Evil's Hideout and get NEW Rewards!


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on October 2, 2018 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on October 16, 2018 (UTC)


Greetings, C9 Actionists,


The Evil’s Hideout Dungeon is back with new rewards! Find monsters in Waterford and claim your rewards!


How to participate:


1. Visit the Event Manager Raleigh everyday.


** You can take the quest again after 07:00 AM UTC


2. Talk to the Event Manager Raleigh to get an event quest.


** You need to be Level 50 or higher go get the quest.


3. Clear the quest and get the invitation ticket.


4. Bring the ticket to Armoni in Waterford and enter the stage!


** You can enter the stage alone or with 1-3 other players.




Evil’s Hideout


  1. Find and kill monsters in fog-shrouded Waterford in the time limit.
  2. You may find a special monster depending on the number of monsters you killed.
  3. You will get various rewards depending on the result.


New Rewards contain:

*Be aware that highlight items will ONLY appear if you clear all the monsters within the given time.


You will get one of these:

-       Magic Primer

-       Chaos Stone

-       Inventory Expansion Scroll

-       Extra Skill Book Slot Extension Ticket [7 days]

-       Wing Box

-       Artisan Crystal

-       Ancients' Sealed Magic Spell Box [Superior]

-       Charm Chest [STR]

-       Charm Chest [WIS]

-       Skill Book Chest


On top of this, you will get 1of these:

-       Sacred Enhance Stone

-       Sacred Enhancer

-       Sacred Enhance Crystal

-       Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 2]

-       Sacred Enhancer [Rank 2]

-       Sacred Enhance Crystal [Rank 2]


And also, you will get 1of these:

-       Life Potion [8000]

-       Mana Potion [8000]

-       Halloween Pumpkin Muffin

-       Halloween Pumpkin Pie

-       Honey Juice

-       Green Grape Juice


Last but not least, you will also get:

-       Ultimate Training [1 hr]

-       Antique from Emerging Merchant Vache (Grade may vary)


Enjoy hide and seek with those pesky little ones!

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