[C9] Event - Extra Event for the End and the Beginning of the year!

Event Duration: 8:00 December 27th ~ Scheduled Maintenance, January 8th.

Greetings, C9 Actionists!

For the End of Year, we prepared something extra for you. So you can enjoy playing C9 and get a little extra.

This event will be consisted of 2 things - Extra Event, and Everyday Event.

For the Extra part you will get:

2x Monster Kill EXP
2x Stage Clear EXP
2x Gold Drop
2x Guild Point
2x Artisan EXP

and for the event you will have:

Dec 27 ~ Dec 28 - Archery
Dec 29 ~ Dec 30 - Bang Turmoil
Dec 31 ~ Jan 2 - Dimensional Fissure
Jan 3 ~ Jan 4 - Evil's Hideout
Jan 5 ~ Jan 8 - Archery

Enjoy your end of year, and happy new yer!

Your C9 Team
Your Time UTC