[C9] Sales - Palladium Party! Complete your set with his ultimate sales!


Duration: After scheduled maintenance on January 8, 2019 ~ Before Scheduled maintenance on January 22, 2019 (UTC)

Trouble collecting your palladiums?

Well, this is your perfect chance to complete your set, with 3 types of palladiums on the line!

Palladium 1

Palladium R2 will be 1+1! Buy 10, and get 10 more!

Palladium 2

Get your chance to get Jokder Palladium with just 440 WCOINS

Palladium 3

Straight up, no lies, get the best palladiums. Palladium Broadway Straight Chest for

1x - 200 WCOIN
5x - 1000 WCOIN
10x - 1950 WCOIN

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