[C9] Event - Return now and receive Permanent P-rare Skillbook Coupon!

Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on January 15, 2019 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on February 12, 2019 (UTC)

Greetings C9 Actionists,

It's time to see what's up at Glenheim with marvelous new and returning player reward!

Returning Player


  • Must have access history on C9
  • Must have no history on accessing to C9 for past 30 days from the returning day
  • Must access to a character during the event period


  • Permanent P-Rare Skillbook Coupon

New Player


  • Must have no history on accessing to C9
  • Must create a new character and access to the character during the event period
  • The rewards will be sent to the Storage instantly



  • First Purchase Reward Coin [30 days]
  • Morris' Resurrection Scroll [x20]
  • Resurrection Count Reset Scroll
  • Cherry Blossoms Rabbit Head Chest
  • Level 20 Reward Chest [7 days]

** All items including the rewards box have expiration date. Please use them fast before they expire!
** All items are bound to character.


What is First Purchase Reward Coin?

Combine this item with a Gold Coffer Coin at Nitro Cube to get a Unique Pet, "Nyx!"

You can open the Level 20 Reward Chest if you reach level 20 before the box expires!

Level 20 Reward Chest contains:

  • Ultimate Training [1 hr]
  • Level 40 Reward Chest [15 days]


As you level up fast, you will get even more rewards as below!

Level 40 Reward Chest contains:

  • Defender [True] Auspice
  • Level 55 Reward Chest [15 days]


Level 55 Reward Chest contains:

  • Okapian Egostone Ring
  • Level 63 Reward Chest [30 days]


Level 63 Reward Chest contains:

  • Gold Nethergem x10

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