[C9] Event – Double EXP + Crash Mode Mix and Match Event!


Greetings, C9 Actionists,


With the upcoming update, we also prepared various event for you to enjoy!


Event 1.

Double EXP.


Enjoy Double EXP on these continents for following days!




Jan 22 – Continent 3

Jan 23 – Continent 2

Jan 24 – Continent 4

Jan 25 – Continent 6

Jan 26 – ALL continents! (Lv. 35 or above)

Jan 27 – All Continents! (Lv. 35 or above)

Jan 28 – Continent 5

Jan 29 – All Continents! (Lv. 35 or above)


Event 2.


Crash Mode + Mix and Match!


Join the Crash Mode, and participate in Mix and Match!


How to participate:

1. Play Crash Mode

2. Get Mix and Match VI coin from the Crash Mode Reward Chest

3. Mix and Match them with 2 Tax Receipts, 2 Mix and Match Coins, 10 Tertis Claws, and 2 Dwaiz’s Old Boots.

4. Check what rewards you get!


You may get one of below rewards:


Random Palladium Chest - R2

Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 2]

Auspice: Pig's Dream

Charm Chest [STR]

Charm Chest [WIS]

Goddess's Tears [70]

Norgant Mystery Chest

Okapia Mystery Chest

Sarad Mystery Chest

Raebin Mystery Chest

Honey Juice

Green Grape Juice

Honey Juice

Green Grape Juice

Magic Primer

Chaos Stone

The Archery Ticket

Bang Turmoil Ticket

Dimensional Fissure Ticket

Artisan Crystal

Book of Knowledge [EXP +1,000,000]

Book of Knowledge [EXP +4,000,000]

Book of Knowledge [EXP +20,000,000]

Book of Knowledge [EXP +40,000,000]

Event 3.

As promised last week, there will be a 2x Enhancement Rate for this week!

That's it! Enjoy the event!

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