[C9] Event - Party Up and Clear Dungeons! Claim Fabulous Rewards!

Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on January 29, 2019 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on February 12, 2019 (UTC)

Party up and win great rewards!

Here is how to participate the event:

1. Get the quest from the event manager

2. Clear below dungeons (in sequence) on Shadow Expert with party of 2 or more!
 -Hidden Valley of Wind
 -Fragements of Kodes
 -Dying Forest of Eternity
 -Schuternen Forest Logging Camp
 -Abbysal Underways

You will get Token of Goddess for your adventure!

Collect and save up the tokens, and trade them with following items!

1 Token:

- Resurrection Scroll

5 Tokens:

-Goddess's Tears [10]
-Gold Nethergem
-Ultimate Training [1 hr]

50 Tokens:

-Admiral Fighter Gear Chest
-Royal Spy Hunter Gear Chest
-Prismatic Shaman Gear Chest
-Siren Witchblade Gear Chest
-Karas Insurgents' Mystic Gear Chest

Gear Chest will contain all parts!

Hope you enjoy the event!

Your C9 Team

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