[C9] Sales - Special Valentine Day Sales!


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on February 12, 2019 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on February 19, 2019

Greetings C9 Actionists,



This old line, “Love is in the air”, may sound too cheesy but never seems to get old and that time of the year is back in Glenheim as well! Are you looking to put a ring on your significant other? Look no further because a couple of Legendary quality rings are in our new arrival today!


2019 Valentine’s Day Box is available now for a limited time!


Along with the 2019 Valentines Day Box, take a look at two new rings!


Happiness of Love

-Stamina +100

-Physical Damage +1000

-HP Recovery +20

-Concentration +10%

-Damage Resistance +4%

-6th Continent Additional Resistance 2~4%


Sweet Whisper

-Intellect +100

-Magical Damage +1000

-MP Recovery +20

-Accuracy +5%

-Increase Damage +2%

-Shadow Endor Resistance 2~4%


2019 Valentine’s Day Box may contain following items:


Happiness of Love

Sweet Whisper

Truthful Heart

Moment of Proposal

Transcendent Enhance Stone +12 ~ +16

Transcendent Enhancer +12~16

Transcendent Enhance Crystal +6~7

Cosmos Stone
Chaos Stone x1000

Protective Crystal for Weapon, Armor, Accessory’s Magic – Rank 7

Rune: Goddess’s Wish Set [STR] or [WIS]

Variety of Charms IV ~ V

Mysterious Egg [Gold]

Enigmatic Egg [Gold]

Mysterious Egg [Gold]

Random Palladium Chest - R2

Akene Coins [1000~10000]

Goddess's Tears [100]

Sacred Enhance Stone [2 Plus]

Sacred Enhance Crystal [2 Plus]

Sacred Enhancer [2 Plus]

Sacred Enhancer [Rank 3]

Sacred Enhance Crystal [Rank 3]

Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]

Rakhdan's Destructive Staff [WIS]

Rakhdan's Destructive Arc Dagger [WIS]

Rakhdan's Destructive Arc Blade [WIS]


You may also get the two brand new rings through gold coffer exchange.


Truthful Heart + 30 Blood Stones

Moment of Proposal + 30 Blood Stones

Don't miss this lovely chance!


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