[C9] Event - Open Razer Gold Event for C9!


Event Period: 05 Mar, 2019 (After Maintenance) ~ 19 Mar, 2019 (Before Maintenance)

Greetings, C9 Actionists,


C9 and Razer has teamed up for an event!

Participate the event, and get a chance to win some finest gaming gears from Razer!


How to participate:


  1. Top up using Razer Gold
  2. Top up over 5,000 Wcoins using Razer Gold (See screenshot below)
  3. Spend Wcoins in C9
  4. At least 5,000 WCOIN must be topped up and spent in order to get a registered for the raffle, and also receive participation reward.
  5. Participation reward will be given in a coupon code after the event is finished.


Participation Reward:

5x Sacred Enhance Stone (2 Plus) & Transcendent Stone (+15) – once per account


Once 5,000 Wcoin is topped up and spent with Razer Gold, you will get 1 ticket for the prize raffle!



Prizes – 3 Lucky winners will get products from Razer! Shipping cost will be covered by us.

1st Prize:

-Razer BlackWidow TE Chroma V2 (Product Detail)

-Razer DeathAdder Elite (Product Detail)

2nd Prize:

-Razer DeathAdder Elite (Product Detail)

-Razer Goliathus Speed Cosmic Edition (Product Detail)


3rd Prize:

-Razer DeathAdder Elite (Product Detail)

-Razer Keycap Keychain


In addition, the three lucky winners above will be getting following prizes as well:


3x Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]
3x Transcendent Enhancer [+15]
1x Transcendent Enhance Stone [+15]
20x Legendary Weapon Ore Chest: Lv 75


Winners will be announced after the event is finished!

In-Game items will be delivered within a week after the event is finished.

Thank you

Your C9 Team

Your Time UTC