[C9] Event - This week's Goddess Tear Shop! Check them out! *UPDATE*

Greetings! C9 Actionists!

Welcome to this week's Goddess Tear Shop!

This week, we will have

Valentine Day Box!

Valentine Day Box will be available until the next maintenance. Grab them and see if you can get those precious accessories!

Also, Protective Crystals are back!

There will be LIMITED Flash Offers at the Goddess Tear Shop!

On all 3 servers, there will be:

Protective Crystal for Weapon's Magic [Rank 8]
Protective Crystal for Armor's Magic [Rank 8]
Protective Crystal for Accessory's Magic [Rank 8]

for 2,000 Goddess's Tears!

Offering only 200 per server!

These offers will open at:

SEA: 9:30 UTC, March 19, 2019

US and EU: 00:00 UTC, March 20, 2019

Make sure to look out for this amazing offers!

In addition,

There will be, offers of Legenary Gear Package, only 50 per server!

The offer will be available just once per account, so pick carefully which character will get the gear!

Mystic, Witchblade, Hunter - Jaffard Gear,

Shaman, Warrior - Kitai Warrior,

Each gear set will go for 11000 Goddess's Tears

These offers will start at following hour:

US and EU 00:00 UTC, March 22, 2019

SEA: 8:30 UTC, March 22, 2019

For all Servers - 05:00 UTC, March 22, 2019

This offer will end on 23:59, Monday, March 25th

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