[C9] Sales - Get the Cherry Blossom Accesories!


Duration: After scheduled maintenance on April 9 ~ before scheduled maintenance on April 23


Greetings, C9 Actionists!


The spring is here, and you can see cherry blossoms petals falling everywhere! With the magical powers of Glenheim, Cherry Blossoms came with special boxes! Check out what’s inside!


Cherrywood Chest x1550 WCOIN

Cherrywood Chest x10+15500 WCOIN


In the Cherrywood Chest, you can find three new accessories!!


Big Cherry Blossom Ring

Fixed Stat:

Strength or Intellect +130 (Depending on [STR] or [WIS])

Crit Chance +6%

Concentration 6

HP and MP restoration 15

Random Stat:

Intellect 35~55 or Strength 35~55

Additional resistance on Shadow 2.5~5.0

Defense Resistance – 1 of Air, Earth, Fire, Water

MP recovery 10, 20, 30, or 40




Big Cherry Blossom Earrings

Fixed Stat:

Strength and Intellect +130 and +35 (Depending on [STR] or [WIS])

Health +35

Convert remaining 50% of HP on hit

Random Stat:

Additional damage on Shadow 1.5~2.5

Defense Resistance – 1 of Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Physical Attack 180~350

Accuracy 1.0%~1.5%


Big Cherry Blossom Necklace

Fixed Stat:

Strength or Intellect +130 (Depending on [STR] or [WIS])

Physical or Magical Attack +3% (Depending on [STR] or [WIS])

Attack Speed +2.0%

Casting Speed +2.5%

Additional damage in Shadow 5.0%

When MP is above 85%, increase Physical/Magical Attack +10% (Depending on [STR] or [WIS])

Random Stat:

Critical Chance, Concentration, or Critical Damage 2.5%~7.0%

Defense Resistance – 1 of Air, Earth, Fire, Water

Critical Damage increase 5~25% for 10 seconds on 2% chance on hit


Set Bonus (Requires 2 of Cherry Blossom accessories)

Additional Damage to Raebin 10%

Additional Damage to Shadow 10%

Damage +2%

Max MP +20,000

Physical Defense +6%

Magical Defense +6%


These brand new awesome accessories can be obtained straight from the Cherrywood Box, or by taking these items to the event NPC Raleigh! (Which are also available from the box, but with higher chance) Please note that you need 5 of each to exchange for an accessory!


5x Cherry Blossom Branch

5x Potted Cherry Blossom

5x Cherry Blossom Petal


Also, you may get one of those exchange materials by playing our Cherry Blossom Event!



In addition, here are the list of items that can be acquired through Cherrywood Box:


Big Cherry Blossom Ring

Big Cherry Blossom Earrings

Big Cherry Blossom Necklace

Cherry Blossom Branch

Potted Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Petal

Transcendent Enhance Stone [+13]

Transcendent Enhance Stone [+14~16]

Transcendent Enhancer [+12~16]

Transcendent Enhance Crystal [+6~7]

Cosmos Stone

Chaos Stone

Protective Crystal for Weapon's Magic [Rank 7]

Protective Crystal for Armor's Magic [Rank 7]

Protective Crystal for Accessory's Magic [Rank 7]

Rune: Goddess's Wish Set

Various Charm IV~V

Mysterious Egg [Gold]

Enigmatic Egg [Gold]

Mysterious Egg [Gold]

Random Palladium Chest - R2

Akene Coins [1000~10000]

Goddess's Tears [100]

Sacred Enhance Stone [2 Plus]

Sacred Enhance Crystal [2 Plus]

Sacred Enhancer [2 Plus]

Sacred Enhancer [Rank 3]

Sacred Enhance Crystal [Rank 3]

Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]

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