[C9] Events - Collect Cherry Blossom petals and exchange for prizes!


Duration: After scheduled maintenance on April 9 ~ before scheduled maintenance on April 23


Greetings C9 Actionists,


Cherry blossom petals are falling all over the world, and the monsters of Glenheim is seeking the magical power within their petals!


Hunt the monsters down, and exchange Cherry Blossom Leaf Powders into fabulous prizes!


Monster will appear in:

Continent 3~6 and Shadow


Monster will drop:

Cherrywood Box

Cherry Blossom Leaf Powder


Exchange Cherry Blossom Leaf Powder to..

1x Powder - Euphausiid Bait - Automatic

2x Powder - Gold Nethergem [Account-bound]

3x Powder - Dimensional Fissure Ticket

4x Powder - Rakhdan's Black Evil Thought

5x Powder - Ultimate Training [1 hr]

8x Powder - Book of Knowledge [EXP +20,000,000]

50x Powder - Cherry Blossoms Rabbit Head Chest

150x Powder - Superior Cherry Blossoms Rabbit Head Chest

250x Powder - Cherry Blossom Branch

250x Powder - Potted Cherry Blossom

250x Powder - Cherry Blossom Petal




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