[C9] Event - Fishing Mix & Match Event!


Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on May 14th, 2019 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on May 21st, 2019 (UTC)

It’s fishing season again and get ready to fish!

This is how the event will go:

1. Talk to event manager Raleigh

2. Event monster will appear in dungeons. Appearance rate may differ per dungeon

3. Event monster will drop baits - Blue, Yellow and Red

4. With the bait, go fishing!

5. From the fishing, following items may appear:

- Akene Coin 500~50,000

- Rakhdan's Black Evil Thought

- Goddess’s Tear 10~100

- Book of Knowledge EXP+1m ~ 40m

- Artisan Crystal

- Sealed Artesia's Scale Chest

- Artesia's Scale

- Artesia's Blessed Artifact

- Mix and Match V Coin

6. With the Mix and Match Coin, along with Tertis Claw, and some Dwaiz’s Old Boots mix it up at Nitro Cube.

7. Open the items from Nitro Cube

In the Nitro Cube, following items may appear:

Mu Legend Helm and Chestpiece

Norgant Mystery Chest

Okapia Mystery Chest

Sarad Mystery Chest

Honey Juice

Green Grape Juice

Magic Primer,

Chaos Stone

Archery Ticket

Bang Turmoil Ticket

Dimensional Fissure Ticket

Artisan Crystal

We hope you enjoy!

Your C9 Team

Your Time UTC