[C9] Sales - New Goddess's Faith Runs are here!

Duration: After the scheduled maintenance on June 04, 2019 ~ Before the scheduled maintenance on June 18, 2019 (UTC)

Greetings, C9 Actionists!

While researchers of Glenheim has been studying the Rune: Goddess's Wish, they found that there are some hidden powers within the rune.

They named this new rune..

Goddess's Faith

Check out the new set option of these new rune.

Base Stat +210
Summon Meteors [WIS] or [STR] on 3% chance on hit
Magical/Physical Attack 10%
Move Speed 10%
Attack Speed 10%
Casting Speed 10%
Reset Coldowns on 1% chance on hit
Targeting Range 12%
Increase Damage 6%
Stun enemy for 3 seconds on 2% chance on hit

These new runes can be acquired through : 

Goddess's Sealed Magic Spell Box and Rune: Goddess's Faith Random Chest

Purchase Goddess's Sealed Magic Spell Box [10+1], and you will get 

10x  Goddess's Sealed Magic Spell Box and
1x Rune: Goddess's Faith Random Chest

New rune is included in both boxes, however it will appear 100% on Rune: Goddess's Faith Random Chest

Also, you can use Nitro Cube to get the new box as well.

Combine 3x identical Rune: Goddess's Wish + 3x Tax Receipt on Nitro Cube to get 1x Rune: Goddess's Faith Random Chest


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