[C9] Event - Gather Materials and complete Ring of Nature!


Greetings, C9 Actionists!


We’ve prepared some great event so that you can get a New Ring!


Ring of Sea

Ring of Earth

See stats here


Here’s how you get them


3 types of event monster will appear from dungeons 4th continent ~ 6th Continent Shadow


Each monster will drop following items, depending on the type of the monster

Piece of Great Sky

Piece of Benevolent Earth

Piece of Marvelous Sea


With these pieces, collect 30 of them, and exchange them to:

Essence of Great Sky

Essence of Benevolent Earth

Essence of Marvelous Sea


Collect these Essences, and exchange them to the ring!

Each ring will require different amount of Essences.


Ring of Earth

4x Essence of Great Sky

6x Essence of Benevolent Earth

2x Essence of Marvelous Sea


Ring of Sea

4x Essence of Great Sky

2x Essence of Benevolent Earth

6x Essence of Marvelous Sea


Also, invest in Piece of Nature Random Chest to get your chance of getting Evolved Ring Set!


Ring of Benevolent Earth

Ring of Marvelous Sea

See Stats Here 

You can get these rings by combining Ring of Earth or Ring of Sea with Essence of Devotion or Essence of Sincerity


Ring of Sea + Essence of Devotion = Ring of Marvelous Sea

Ring of Earth + Essence of Sincerity = Ring of Benevolent Earth


Don’t miss! These Essence will appear on the tear shop in following schedule.


There will be only 5 per server, so don’t miss!


SEA: August 27th, 13:30 UTC (30 minutes after invasion)

EU: August 27th, 19:30 UTC (30 minutes after invasion)

US: August 28th, 00:30 UTC (30 minutes after invasion)



Side Event – Oktoberfest Event!


With the ring to celebrate, there also must be some drinks that come with it!


Each of the tree monster will also drop:






Gather 2 of each items, and combine them at Nitro Cube!


You will get either:

Beer or Sausage


Beer will reduce your automatic fishing time, while you can use Sausage as your bait.


Using Sausage as bait will grant you these items:

Mysterious Soul Energy: Strength

Mysterious Soul Energy: Health

Mysterious Soul Energy: Wisdom

Mysterious Soul Energy: Intelligence

Harmonious Soul energy

Artisan Crystal

Chopped Chub Mackerel Bait - Auto

Urchin Bait - Automatic

Euphausiid Bait - Automatic


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