[C9] Sales - Gather your Pieces of Nature Faster!




Greetings C9 Actionists,


Heard of the new event?


Open Piece of Nature Random Chest to boost your farming + chance to get the full ring and also Essence of Devotion and Sincerity!


Also, Essences can be used for upgrading your Artesia Weapon!


Piece of Nature Random Chest will yield:


Piece of Great Sky

Piece of Benevolent Earth

Piece of Marvelous Sea

Goddess's Tears [500]

Goddess's Tears [1,000]

Essence of Great Sky

Essence of Benevolent Earth

Essence of Marvelous Sea

Ring of Earth

Ring of Sea

Essence of Sincerity

Essence of Devotion

Transcendent Enhance Crystal [+8]

Sacred Enhance Crystal [Rank 3]

Ring of Benevolent Earth

Ring of Marvelous Sea


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