[C9] Sales - Wedding Gears and Craftsmanship Chests!

Greetings, C9 Actionists,

Summer's close to an end, and now it's perfect weather for wedding.

Get your Wedding Gears on and promise your love to the loved ones!

Wedding Gears will come in three different colors, and each color will contain below:

Wedding Gear - 1,900 WCOIN

-Full Wedding Gear Set

-Akene Coin x 1000
-Goddess's Tears x2000

Also, to celebrate the wedding, Mystic Master Jewelcrafter also put some beloved craftsmanship chests on the shop!

Craftsmanship Support Chest x10 + 1 -5,500 WCOIN
Craftsmanship Support Chest x1 - 550 WCOIN

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