[C9] Event - The Ultimate Enhancement Event is here!


Greetings, C9 Actionists!


This is a special week! A perfect chance for you to enhance, and win extra prizes!!


Event 1.

Enhancement Rate Increased by 200%!

-Weapon, Armor, Accessory


Enhancement Rate Increased by 150%!

-Palladium, Rune, Charm



Event 2.

Enhance your weapon, and win extra prize!


It has never been better to enhance your weapon! Enhance your weapon, and win fabulous prize!

The prize will be given once per character, but prizes can stack up per character!


Please note that only enhancement counts! We are looking for increase in your enhancement!

*Please note that you have to have the weapon that you enhanced at your character when the event ends in order to recieve prizes!!!!*

Prize 1: Reach your weapon to +15:

1x Sacred Enhance Stone Rank 2+

Prize 2: Reach +16

3x Lucky Stone V2

Prize 3: Reach +17

1x Weapon Enhancement Extraction Scroll [Superior]

Prize 4: Reach +18

4x Lucky Stone R2

Prize 5: Reach +19

2x Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]

Prize 6: Reach +20

1x Transcendent Enhance Stone +19



1. Start from +13 and finish at +19: Receive Prize 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

2. Start from +17 and finish at +20: Receive Prize 4, 5, and 6


Remember, this prize will be given once per character. If there are multiple weapon upgrades, the highest upgraded weapon will be counted!



A player “Omegalul”, enhanced:

Weapon 1 - from +15 to +17,
Weapon 2 - from +16 to +19.

He will receive prize 3, 4, 5, and 6. (Weapon that ended with +19 counted)


Target Weapons

Please note that only weapon of following grade will be counted for the prize:

Artesia’s Blessed

Akene’s Sacred

Rakhdan’s Destructive

Raging Artesia’s

Sky Dragon’s Fang


Event 3.

Spend WCOIN and get WCOIN back!

Please note that the reward will be given only once per account, and only one of the three rewards.


1. Spend 10,000 WCOIN ~ 19,999 WCOIN

Get Transcendence Material Package + 1,000 WCOIN


2. Spend 20,000 WCOIN ~ 29,999 WCOIN

Get 2x Transcendence Material Package + 2,000 WCOIN


3. Spend 30,000 WCOIN or more

Get 3x Transcendence Material Package + 3,000 WCOIN



To support your enhancement, enhancement material pack will be on sales!!

Event Reward

After the event is finished, C9 team will review the result, and issue the event reward no later than October 1st


Your C9 Team
Your Time UTC