[C9] Sales - Karas and Greek Gears return...but Better!


C9 Actionists.

Karas and Greek Gears - Everyone's Favorite Gear is Back!

Check out Karas Insurgents Random Box and Greek Gear Random Box - both for 550 WCOINS

Each box will contain a random piece of Karas and Greek Gears

Each parts has 3 possible colors - and the rates are all same.

Plus, these gears are not bound, so go on and trade them to get your favorite color!

Stats are as following:

3% Physical Defense and 3% Magical Defense on all parts,

Damage Resistance +0.2% on all parts except chestpiece

For Chestpiece:
Applied on Hit : Mana Shield: Absorb 50%, Consumes: 20% (Chance 5%) (Duration 10sec)

Autoloot (depending on the part)

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