[C9] Special Event - C9 Black Friday Special Roulette Event is here!!


Greetings, C9 Actionists!


Black Friday is here, and we've prepared something fun for you!


This is the C9

Black Friday Roulette Event! (Click to go to Event Page)


There are Three types of Roulettes during the event period, at our Roulette Event Page! 



Free Roulette

For everyone - you will get 10 chances to play Everyday!


These are the items you may get on Free Roulette!


8 Roulette Point

Dimensional Fissure Ticket

Bang Turmoil Ticket

The Archery Ticket

Evil's Hideout Ticket

Permanent P-Rare Skill Book Coupon

Akene Coins [10,000]

Goddess's Tears [5,000]

Transcendent Enhance Stone [+18]

Ticket Package Box

Sweet Juice Box

Sweet Desert Box

5 Roulette Point



You may ask here - What are Roulette Points?

They are the Points required to play the other two Roulettes,

Raebin Roulette and Sarad Roulette


You may also purchase these Roulette Points in the in-game Cash Shop!


Roulette Points are 1:1 to WCOIN, and once you purchase the item in the game, the point will be applied on the event page after a refresh (or F5 button)


Also, about the Roulette Point items in the inventory, don't throw them away! We will later do another event such as raffle with it!


With the Roulette Points, you may now play Sarad Roulette and Raebin Roulette


Sarad Roulettes will cost 50 Roulette Points


On Sarad Roulette you may get these items:


Permanent P-Rare Skill Book Coupon

Goddess's Tears [10,000]

Raebin Key + Goddess's Tears [1,000]

Goddess's Tears [1,000]

Premium Item Exchange Key

Raebin Key + Sweet Juice Box

Raebin Key + Sweet Desert Box

Piece of Nature Random Chest

Raebin Key + 50 Roulette Point

Gold Coffer R7 x5

Platinum Chest R16 x10


Then, what are Raebin Keys?


Once you collect, 5 Raebin Keys, Raebin Roulette will open and you will get 1 minute 30 seconds to play Raebin Roulette!


Raebin Roulette costs 100 Roulette Points, and it includes very exclusive items, including TES +18 and Sky Dragon Ticket!


Raebin Roulette contains following items:


Weapon Enhancing Material Package

Magic Primer [x200]

Chaos Stone [x200]

Transcendent Enhance Stone +17

Transcendent Enhance Stone +18

Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3]

Extra Skill Book Slot Extension Ticket [30 days]

Godess's Tears [2400]

Sacred Enhance Stone [2 Plus]

Premium Item Exchange Ticket

Protective Crystal for Weapon's Magic [Rank 8]

100 Roulette Point

Sky Dragon Ticket 1 [Unbound]

Sky Dragon Ticket 2 [Unbound]

Primer Package


Once your 1 minute 30 second timer is over, you must go back to Sarad Roulette to collect 5 Raebin Keys.



Roulette Ranking


Playing Roulette does not only give you items!


It will also give you  Roulette Ranking Point!


You will get Roulette Ranking Point by playing different Roulette - as below:


Free Roulette - 1 Ranking Point

Sarad Roulette - 2 Ranking Point

Raebin Roulette - 5 Ranking Point


You may check your ranking here (c9.webzen.com/events/C9Roulette/rank)


Ranking will be updated every day, and you can check your current ranking!

and you have total 2 chances to win!

Ranking will be tallyed and counted on the first week, and second week!


Your reward may vary on how many point you have, and depending on your Roulette Point, you will be placed in "tiers"


Tier 1 - 0 ~ 1499 Ranking Point

Tier 2 - 1500 ~ 1999 Ranking Point

Tier 3 - 2000 ~ 3499 Ranking Point

Tier 4 - 3500 ~ 7499 Ranking Point

Tier 5 - 7500 ~ 9999 Ranking Point

Tier 6 - 10,000 Ranking Point


For example,


If you are ranked as #1, and you are on Tier 6 category, you will receive tier 6 Rank #1 rewards.


If you are ranked as #3, and you are on Tier 3 category, you will receive tier 3 Rank #3 rewards.


Well, this is it!


Enjoy your days spinning roulette and see what you will get!!

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