[C9] Events - Dungeon Event is Back! December Version!


Greetings, C9 Actionists,


Remember the November Event?


Well, it’s back for December!


From December 3rd to December 17th, we will be having a similar dungeon event!


This time, instead of November Reign,


The item name is “Swift Back to December”! *hint* *hint*


Anyways, collect as many as you can!


Rankings, just like previous month’s event, will be announced once on December 10th,


And announced again at the end of the event - at December 17th!


The prizes for the event will be same as the November one:


1st: Weapon Enhancing Material Package x5

2nd: Weapon Enhancing Material Package x3

3rd: Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3] x3

4th and 5th: Weapon Enhancing Material Package

6th ~ 10th : Lucky Stone R2 x3

11th ~ 25th: Sacred Enhance Stone [Rank 3] x1

26th ~ 50th: Lucky Stone R2 x1

51st and below: Sacred Enhance Stone [2 Plus]



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