[C9] Event - 2020 New Year Event!


Greetings, C9 Actionists,


New Year has come, and here is C9 New Year Event!


Don't miss this chance to win the essential essence of Devotion and Sincerity!


First Step.


Farm the Dungeons for Event Monster!


Event monster appear randomly from Continent 4 Expert to Continent 6 Shadow - Higher chance of appearance in continent 6 shadow.


Second Step


Collect Event Item - Lucky Bag


Third Step


Collect Lucky Bag and exchange them to Red or Blue New Year Envelope!


Fourth Step


Open the envelopes to collect New Year Coin (100% drop) + Extra goodies!

On the WCOIN Shop, you can also purchase Special New year Envelope (Go to Sales Notice),


Which will give between 1 to 3 New Year Coin, 100%


5th Step


Collect Coin and exchange them to Essence of Devotion or Sincerity


Essence of Devotion - 90 Coins

Essence of Sincerity - 90 Coins


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