[C9] Event - Update Event to Celebrate Hernad!

Yes, it's here!

Long waited Continent 7 is finally here!

To celebrate the event, we've prepared some event to help you with your journey at Hernad!

For details, please visit our event page.

Please note that all event period is until maintenance of February 11th.

Event 1.

Bonus 50% EXP for monster and stage clears

Event 2.

All 4 event dungeons open until February 11th

Event 3.

Reach Lv. 85 and get Hernad Material Package

Event 4.

Dungeon Clear event.

During the event period, clear new Continent 7 Dungeons.

In each dungeon, it will drop a event item upon clear.

Collect these items to exchange them to special time-limited auspiece and Hernad Material Box!

In Hernad Material Box, you may get:

Mithril Solution
Spite of Durahan
Spite of Blasted Forest
Spite of Faded Temple
Ebony Tree
Hernad Essence
Hernad Quartz
Hearnad Coin

This is it! enjoy the new continent!

Your C9 Team

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